Many fans of computer games, including Counter Strike, want to not only play a shooter, but also receive income from this hobby. There are many different ways to monetize your favorite hobby. To do this, there are sites that accept bets on forecasts in various tournaments, while others are more involved in the sale and purchase of skins.

Often, when trying to create an account on the CS GO betting sites portal, a strange message appears before users indicating that the profile is occupied by another player. Therefore, the question arises: how to remove a demo account on esportsbetweb?

It is best to immediately use the support services and describe the problem in detail. As a rule, the waiting time usually does not exceed two hours. Professionals recommend sending such requests in English, which affects processing speed. The request should include personal data and do not forget about authorization on esportsbetweb. If for this you need to send passport scans, it is best to duplicate them. Only the administration can delete the old profile. Next, you need to create a new account. In this case, you should specify a different email.

At a subsequent stage, the generated details are communicated to the support service. When doing another demos, you should remember the rules:

It is strictly forbidden to create multi-accounts;
in the presence of any violations, a personal account is blocked;
an exception may be registration after agreement with the administration;
An existing account will be deleted.
gross violators are blocked forever, without the possibility of re-registration.
As a rule, problems arise when acquiring accounts on Steam. One of the reasons may be the user’s connection or dishonesty of the seller, who, after receiving the money, can restore the profile in various ways. It is recommended to change the mail and bind the number, as well as to block the previous Email.

New esportsbetweb players have the opportunity to create a demo account, which will allow you to check the functionality of the site or familiarize yourself with the interface, games and existing modes. There are times when a profile requires deletion. For example, if there is a need to use profitable bonuses and promotional codes, as well as when glitches and bugs appear.